Lucky Devil is a club promoter, venue manager and event planner providing services for special events, night clubs, private parties and rp venues across all 4 NA Data Centers!(Some availability on EU and OCE!)


Current Venues


Manager, Promoter

November 2021 - Present
Exodus, Primal | Mist W 19 P 2 | Saturdays | 9pm EST



August 2022- Present
Exodus, Primal | Goblet W 8 P 35 | Saturdays (Friday Late) | 4am EST



April 2023- Present
Lamia, Primal | Lavender Beds W 9 P 3 | Every Other Friday | 10pm EST


Manager, Promoter

Coming June 2023
Lamia, Primal | Lavender Beds W 9 P 3 | Every Other Month | TBD


My Ethos

What I stand for...

  1. Collaboration, cooperation, coordination and consideration should be the cornerstones of any community.

  2. A strong community-focused outlook is what drives me and I believe that venue owners have a responsibility to their staff, performers and the community that supports them.

  3. All of my jobs are hand-selected based on several factors, including my existing commitments and my relationship with everyone involved with the venue/event.

  4. I carefully consider how each job will benefit the community as a whole: including supporting the success of DJs and other venues/events.

  5. Creativity and uniqueness draw me into events as both a promoter and attendee. I love promoting for events that are something different from the norm!

  6. I do not endorse any scene drama or feuds and prefer to keep the personal separate from the professional by forming my own opinions of individual people and venues.

  7. All events I participate in must be inclusive, LGBTQIA friendly and 18+ if "services" are offered.

  8. I will not advertise for events with giveaways/promotions that are obviously funded by RMT.

  9. I will only work with venues, event organizers, FCs and individuals who support the above ethos.

About the Work

Hiring Lucky Devil

  • At this time, the only venues I am on staff with are those under the banner of Moonpie Promotions. I am not taking on any additional permanent venue promoter positions at this time.

  • However, I am currently available for bookings as a promoter for special events, parties and festivals.

  • While I am not looking to promote for any new venues currently, I can create flyers for your event or venue on an ad hoc commission basis. (Flyer only, no additional promotion included.)

  • I do charge gil for my services, because a lot of time and effort goes into my work, including using my own money to purchase access to stock image assets and graphic design software.

  • Payment is due on or before the date of the event. However, services for community events and fundraisers will be provided pro bono.

  • All of my pricing is currently negotiable on a sliding scale. I will not charge a small FC or new venue owner the same amount I charge a large, established venue.

  • Talk with me about your budget. My most important goal is supporting the community. We can make something work.

  • I only accept in-game currency as payment for in-game work. I do not support RMT.

Advertising Details

  • When hired for an event (or on an ongoing basis at a venue), I work with management to develop a branding strategy unique to the venue/event, including color schemes, flyer art and ad writing styles, mood/vibe creation and event names and themes.

  • Written ads contain all pertinent info for the venue/event, and may contain the following, customized per venue needs: hype/DJ text, RP scenes, lyrical flavor text, emojis, etc.

  • Depending on style, flyers may contain GPOSES, art licenced through Adobe Stock, DJ/Venue logos and more.

  • Venues are responsible for providing Discord/Carrd/DJ links as well as transparent PNG logos for the venue and any performers.

  • I have access to 50+ FFXIV Discords with advertising permissions in most. I can canvas your event in the appropriate servers for an additional fee for my time.

  • I follow each Discord's individual posting guidlines to the best of my ability. If you have questions or concerns about an ad I have posted in a server you manage, please reach out to me directly.

Ad Portfolio

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